Aiming for Zero Waste

Thanh Phu always want to be a part of solution to minimize the impact of our footprint to environment and therefore we aim for zero-waste in our plant. Our Veloflex™ technology is a big solution for recyclable packaging. We also prioritize to produce new products recovered from post-industry sources.

The rain water is collected for tree plant and organic waste is gathered to produce compost for fertilization of plants in the factory surrounding. We’re on the road to achieve zero-waste status. We’re not there yet but our top priority is to go further. See our efforts below:

Thanh Phu

Zero Waste in plant


Mono-Film waste of each production process

Rain wate on plant roof


Gather all interval waste to a recycling area in the plant

Collect all Rain water through water pipe


Recyclate Internal waste as pellets

Store in underground tank


Put back pellets into new packaging

Plant watering