The mono material solution for circular economy

It’s important to recycle any materials possible, but one of the most relevant are plastics. With regards to flexible packaging, which made from plastic, which one can be recycled?

According to CEFLEX guidelines, the polyolefin-based flexible packaging (mono-PE, mono-PP and PE/PP mixes) can generally be regarded as being “Design for Recyclability”. This is because this material makes up the largest proportion of the post-consumer flexible packaging waste stream and because the ability to sort and mechanically recycle these materials is already proven at industrial scale in some European countries (for example in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and several other countries) (D4ACE guidelines).

Veloflex by Thành Phú TPVF

So what is our focus on Recyclable Packaging?

Veloflex™ is our solution for recyclable packaging. It is a fully recyclable LDPE#4 plastic film, which is polyolefin-based mono-PE material. We have invested in both a new plant and new equipment to be able to produce this film that offers performance, appearance, and competitive pricing. The decision to invest in the technology proves our focus to the technology and to protecting our environment.

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