Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible plastic packaging in Vietnam. We are committed to provide our customers with excellent product quality, customized service with competitive pricing. Founded in 1992, our company has grown from 20 workers into the neighborhood of 400 employees over the past 14 years

Our products have met the stringent requirements, in terms of quality and quantity, of the Vietnam growing domestic industries as well as the export markets.

We are committed to satisfy our customer with competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality flexible plastic packaging materials delivered at a timely manner.

The continuous growth of Thanh Phu Packaging Co. is closely related to our employees, who are our most valuable assets. The Board of management of Thanh Phu is therefore committed to continuously building our corporate culture, on-the-job trainings, process improvements, and a safer working environment for our employees.